Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hello everyone- it has been a while since i have posted anything about the girls- mostly because nothing too grand has been going on. we haven't been to visit our families in a couple of weeks, so thats something, and then Steve and my work schedules have been insane, so their has been some neglect going on and a lack of pictures... bummer. they have been painting our building (quite shoddily i must say) so the girls are pretty pissed off to hear painters there every day. hehe. also, our neighbors got a new dog (we knew they were looking for one) and although we haven't been introduced yet, we are all excited about meeting.... uh.... it. we hear it barking, we hear it crying- we just haven't SEEN it yet. The potential is just endless though. This weekend is my birthday so we should be doing things, hopefully including the puppies. we are going to Disneyland tomorrow with my sister and her boyfriend, so we can't take the puppies there... another day of neglect. but, what can you do? they will get extra lovings this weekend, i promise. no pictures today, but i thought it would be nice for a little update. I promise a post this weekend WITH pictures.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hello everyone. this weekend was too short, even though it was an actual 2 day weekend for us.... Sunday we went down to see our families, and i took Gertrude to visit Tilly (i had a bad feeling about taking Muppy because of her unresponsiveness to Tilly- ie, she hates her)
and they played ALL DAY. Muppy took a walk on the beach with her grandpa in the morning and steve and i hung out with our respective families. Monday we were also down there and i could tell the girls were happy to be out. Steve's brother has a bird that Gertrude is facsinated with, and Muppy is terrified of- or should i say, wary of.... so it was cool to see them interact again- too bad i didn't take any pictures, but we were watching them like hawks so that Gerti wouldn't try to eat Echo (the bird) and Echo wouldn't try to eat Gertie's marble-like eyes. so much love. they weren't mean to each other or anything, just cautious- like in a weird stare-down. Of course when we got home we discovered that we were all out of dry food and didn't feel like going out again, so the girls had only wet food for the first time in their lives, and i think they enjoyed it thoroughly. tonight i got more of the dry stuff (and the kind of stuff we get seems to be ridiculously expensive for some reason because it is natural, good for the coat and skin stuff- nutro all natural), but i let them eat the rest of the can of the wet- hopefully they don't decide to be evil and picky and not eat their dry food. they'll pretty much eat anything though, so i'm not too worried about it. today, unbeknownst to us, the apartment and patio was painted, so i am sure the girls had a scary time with the painters, and the painters had a scary time with them. tomorrow we will make sure to CLOSE the door so they won't be harassed. also tonight Steve's pal Wytt came over to say hi and met Gertrude for the first time. she kept trying to eat him, but we wouldn't let her. here are a couple of silly pictures from the evening.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. its slightly belated, but oh well.... the girls got little treats, and a special visit from our friends Kit and Jenny for LOST night. they were super excited to see them, and it was pretty funny because Gerti and Muppy haven't seen Kit and Jenny in a couple of months- Jenny didn't expect to see Gertrude so big, so she was pretty surprised. Today i was off work, so the girls got a desperately needed bath, and later this evening our friends Sarah and Courtney came over for a long overdue visit to see the babies which pleased both dog and human alike. Lately Gertrude has gotten a lot thicker and definitely looking more pug-like, but still small for her breed and age, in my opinion. she definitely weighs at least as much as Muppy if not more. This weekend we are going down to visit our families, which the puppies always seem to enjoy- our families seem to like it too. Well, thats all for now. I am posting some pictures from last night (Valentine's Day) as well as from tonight's visit with Courtney and Sarah. Talk to you all later-

Saturday, February 10, 2007

hello everyone- it has been yet another uneventful week- the girls are doing really well. Gertrude is pretty much one hundred percent recovered from her spay surgery, so she is back to her old self hanging out and playing as usual. one thing i have noticed is that Gertrude's tongue that always hangs out (crooked jaw is what one vet said) hasn't done that since after the surgery. maybe they fixed it, or maybe she grew out of it, but either way steve and i really miss it. oh well... its more likely better for her this way anyhow. they are both getting baths this weekend because they are stinky. Muppy has been way more cuddly than usual lately. i mean, she has always been cuddly, but more so lately... maybe she has a guilty conscience. i can tell they are definitely going a little stir crazy in the apartment, so we are probably to have an outing relatively soon. The girls were REALLY happy to see our friend Mark on Wednesday night (LOST night) when he came by for a surprise visit (this time gertrude didn't decide to pee on the couch to welcome him, but she did decide to pee next to the couch where he was sitting. yum). plus both the puppies have severe fish breath from the fish oil i put in their food to improve their skin and coat... i have been really bad about brushing their teeth too. Muppy (surprisingly) takes it much better than gerti... i wonder if i can try to do that while she is sleeping (like i do to cut their nails. sigh). i encourage any and all dog owner readers of this blog who have isssues with brushing their dog's teeth to give me any tips they might have because the girls' breath seriously does offend. thanks. here are some classic photos of the babies and their furry relatives Tilly the Westie and Wellington the Maltese (FINALLY!- although sadly the camera seems to still be out of comission). we want to give a shout-out to wilson- hope you are feeling better soon and glad to hear you are safe and well! the puppies and steve and i wish you the best.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hello there- the camera has been on the fritz lately (dead), so i am writing yet another post sans pictures. the girls have been fine- there is another meetup in a couple of weeks and we are looking for ward to actually going this time. Gertrude is healing well from her surgery, and playing and being good. Steve is being paranoid still about her (he seems to think she is swollen, which i really don't see. his overprotective side is shining through) but she really is doing great. she can't fit under our really low bed anymore (thank god because she used to get stuck there and would wake me up at 3 in the morning to get her out), nor the really low coffee table where she liked to hide from Muppy while they played. but she is still small for her age and being a PUG. last night we went out with my friend Courtney out to coffee and they decided to harass a pomeranian that was there. i am convinced Muppy was jealous of her fanciness. her owners were even french. they were nice though. any time i can get the girls out and about i do so. Gertrude nearly clotheslined herself with the extending leash, and me being the idiot i am was not watching. sigh. anyway, thats all for now. everything has been suspiciously quiet. i can tell they miss their cousin tilly and reading new posts on her blog (hint hint chloe). i will try to post more (with PICTURES!) later this week.