Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi there everyone. Very very soon I will have captivating photos with which to amuse and show the Halloween spirit in my household.... Alas, not quite yet. BUT I do have some delightful news in that Gertrude ("Choo Chee") made it onto the Owned by Pugs calendar for 2008! She is in July! Check it out if you so desire (C&P for my computer lack of knowledge-ness). . Thats all for now- soon though- much cuteness is at hand!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OKAY- right off the bat I apologize for not having updated in 30 million years. There has been some insane busy-ness in out household, what with Halloween and other holidays coming up. I have been working furiously on costumes for myself, my husband, and the ladies. Hopefully all that hard work and neglect of the blog will be worth the cuteness i hope to post later on in the month once Halloween rolls around. I have not been able to snap any particularly entertain photos of Muppy lately, but I have some pretty dern cute ones of Gertrude. The ones of her in a pile of laundry are just that- she was really comfortable there while I was getting ready for work one morning and I had to snap a couple of shots of her from far away and close-up. Delightful. The other sets of shots are of Gertrude being scared by Steve's R2D2 toy thingie that is voice activated. That thing freaks her out to no end. Thats it- we are alive and well, just buuuuuusy.