Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hello out there in internet-land... no posts lately because it has been too crazy around here. the pug meetup unfortunately didnt happen because Muppy wasnt feeling too hot and we didnt want to go without her.... she is all better now, thankfully. The big news is that Gertrude got spayed yesterday! Poor thing- I was just happy to see her alive after the darn thing- i get so paranoid about pug things and being put under anasthesia because of her short snout and pinched nostrils. She was really tired when she got picked up (i was out and about so i got my sister's boyfriend Wilson to pick her up- thanks Wilson!!) and apparently had very little bladder control- was just peeing everywhere while she was asleep, and then once we got her home she was sleeping on my belly and peed on me too. today has been better though- i dont know if its because she was too tired to get up or not conscious of it, or if it has something to do with the estrogen levels and leaking (steve read that somewhere as we were freaking out about it). Muppy and Gertrude are both pretty pissed off at us though because we wont let them play- the damn surgery was yesterday for goodness sakes!! God forbid something happen to her stitches and there be more complications. so we might be a little protective but oh well.... Its funny because it really showed Muppy's true colors because she was so concerned when Gerti got home and didnt want to play- now we ALL know she loves her little sister. Until later, hope everyone is safe and happy!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

So... yeah- the dog park. both of the dogs decided to barf the day after the park visit, so either they ate something there that they weren't supposed to, OR they played in the feild with something on the grass (pesticide?). both of them barfed a couple of times and it was mostly saliva and some grass... My pal Lauren's dog, Zoe, didn't get sick at all, but she wasn't really as adventurous at the park as Muppy and Gertrude, so I don't really know what is going on. every other time we have gone they have been fine, so something must have been different. They recovered relatively quickly though, once whatever it was got out of their system... its been a pretty mild week otherwise. they were excited because for us, they have had a lot visitors this week- our friend Mark came out from Hollywood this weekend, and they REALLY love him, and then last night we had our friends Kit, Isaiah and Owen over for a late holiday soiree. i am posting some pictures of that... I can tell they are missing our extended families though. Lately we haven't been able to make as frequent of visits down the grade to my parents ' and steve's parents' place.... this weekend i work all day saturday, and sunday is the pug meetup, so we aren't going to be able to make it then either... Next weekend, hopefully.

Friday, January 12, 2007

SO, Gertrude turned 6 months old yesterday- half a year. So, in celebration, today on my day off we went to the dog park with good ol' Lauren and Zoe the Chihuahua- a really sweet golden retriever showed up too. It was nice, because this morning the girls were particularly rowdy, and buy the time we came home we were all ready for a nice nap. Everything went really well at the park, except when we were cleaning up everything, Muppy and Gertrude (both off the leash because the park is pretty much completely enclosed.... PRETTY MUCH) went off on their own through the one ungated exit, and into some light traffic. I dont think i have ever run faster, and they both got scolded. THey usually always come when i call them, ugh. This weekend we are planning to stay home so it will be good for the puppies- we go somewhere almost every weekend and i think it takes its toll on them, as much as they love seeing all of our relatives as well... Next weekend is the pug meetup, which we are all excited about. Unfortunately now i can potentially work sundays too, so it will be even more random when we can go to the weekend meetups- oh well. One thing I forgot to mention is that i was scatterbrained this morning and forgot the camera for the park, but i have some pics from the earlier day of the puppies begging for some treats, just to prove that i feed them. thanks!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

oh man- so i have been such a bad blogger mommy- it has just been to crazy around here. crazy good, but that still isn't any excuse for me to neglect my puppy blog. maybe that will be my new year's resolution- my post new year's resolution.... New Year's was really great- Muppy and Gertrude were pretty upset that i left them with their aunt Chloe, but i think they had mucho fun (maybe not muppy so much, but oh well). Gerti has been having some major potty training set-backs, since she really hasn't been going where she is supposed to either. Muppy has been picky in the eating department, but what else is new. Muppy and Gerti are very excited today because it is their cousin TILLY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! yaay!! Other than that everything has been going well around here. for some reason after the girls got home again after our little vaycay, Gertrude decided it would be okay to pee in the bed a couple of times. what can i say- gotta love them... Their allergies (to the insane dryness in So Cal to their SKIN) have been going relatively well too. they are on the nutro lamb and potato kiblle that is supposed to repair coats and improve skin. plus they are still on the fish oil, and we add a little bit of the bacon flavored sauce so that they (Muppy) stop being so darn food picky. Will update more later- i am getting more and more nervous by the day because it is getting ever closer to Gerti's spay date.... EEKK!!! anyone who reads this, i want you to think of her on the 30th of january especially.... :(. anyway to prove we are all still alive, here be some pics of the girlies.