Sunday, September 23, 2007

howdy there folks... i just thought i would throw in a little update about le girls- they are doing marvelously, they made a new friend last night- i guess a couple of new friends... Maeby the chihuahua and Nermal the cat. i think Maeby liked them a little more than Nermal, but what can i say? i also just wanted to say hi to my puppy niece Tilly and let her know she is in my thoughts as she recovers from being spayed. i think she will do fine though. thats all for now....


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, just a little sort of update- it has been too much lately with school and work to really be able to update with any kind of regularity. The girls are obviously upset with the new school situation since they decided to eat one of my hardcover school textbooks as well as chew the crap out of my brand new binder. Grrrrg. Angry times. but, what do I expect since they are home alone so much... sigh. Some fun times as of late were labor day weekend where we went to see my dad, sister and her boyfriend and Tilly... plus my dad's Australian Terrier Spike. Also, we took a trip to the Petco and tried on a jack-o -lantern costume for Muppy, potentially for Halloween... Gerti might be a frog, but I can't find any frog pet costumes so I will probably have to get crafty and make one. None of this is written in stone yet though so we will see. We will all definitely be dressed up, but as to what as I am not completely sure. Here are some pics- the group ones are of the girls and my family on labor day, and there is one lonely one of Muppy is jack-o-lantern form... although she doesn't look too thrilled about it.