Thursday, March 29, 2007

well, i have been a bad blogger mommy again. its has been crazy here though, so i forgive myself and i know the girls do too. big events in the last few days have been that Gertrude ate a bumble bee, and Muppy barfed for no reason. thats all the excitement there is... yeah. they only eat dry food, so they weren't affected by the recall (thank god), so that didnt contibute the Muppy's random barfdom. Steve got a new television (behemoth) and Gertrude has definitely taken a shining to it. we watched part of Happy Feet last night and she pretty much had a coniption fit. pretty hilarious. i am posting from work, so i have no new pics to post- maybe later!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

aw jeez- well, today was my day off, which means its my day to run errands. steve ended up home today too, conveniently, and we pretty much planned on relaxing and getting errands done. so, in the morning, we were sitting, getting ready to get going with the day, when gertrude decided to scare the crap out of us and have this weird reverse sneezing bit. we had never experienced her having one of these attacks (i mean, she kinda snorts whenever she drinks her water, but really nothing prolonged like this was) so we were REALLY freaking out- which got gerti and muppy really freaked out, which probably made everything worse... so, being the concerned individuals that we are, steve got on the internet and found out that its completely normal for pugs to have this weird hacking every once in a while, for maybe a couple of minutes max- that didnt mean we stopped worrying, and did everything we could find on the internet to help the situation- rubbing her throat, briefly covering her nose, lemon juice to break up the phlegm- and it still kept happening. she started getting really tired, which scared us even more, so we decided to call up a vet we had never been to (since our existing ex-vet really sucks). i mean, she had been snorking for about half an hour now, so we were really upset. he talked to the vet and they suggested doing more of the nostril covering business off and on... which, long story short, ended up working. she really scared the crap out of us though. even muppy was relieved! toward the end of the day, we watched casino royale on blu-ray, and gerti really enjoyed it. steve and i theorize she has a crush on daniel craig, but she isn't admitting anything....


Friday, March 16, 2007

i have never seen a dog freak out like Gerti does when the vacuum comes on- its like a personal assault on her territory. first, she howls and freaks out, then she hides from it (which is what Muppy does the duration of the vacuum being on), then, she decides to attack it while running away from it at the same time. its weird, i know. every family dog i ever had never gave two thoughts to the vacuum, so its weird for me to witness. so, i snapped a few photos on LOST night while we were cleaning. i also got a couple of Gerti perched on the couch when she wants to see the people leaving, yet we wont let her near the door (usually we do let them hang out and follow people to the stairs, but paint was still wet, thus no puppies outside). ENJOY


Monday, March 12, 2007

oh my sweet lord!! 2 posts in 2 days! unheard of. but we actually went out and did something today- we went out to meet Courtney and Naomi for coffee this afternoon. Too bad it was in the mid-90's today in southern California- oh well. they had fun, and had plenty of water, but they were exaughsted afterward for sure, and we were only our for a couple of hours. erg. they painted the floor outside our apartment so of course Muppy and Gerti ran out and got their feet in it- completely ignored the walking boards that are out there- oh well, theya re overdue for bath anyhow. anyway, without further ado, the pictures from this afternoon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

finally we have actual pictures to post! yaay! investing in batteries is fun! no new news- just thought some new pics might be nice.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

so, i once again have made a liar of myself.... no new post this weekend, no new pictures because we are lazy. it was an evenful weekend though- my birthday was on sunday, and i worked, but we had a fun weekend with my family and in-laws. the girls were so excited to get out of the apartment alone-they were going to go on a walk on saturday, but it was insanely windy and i dont think it would have been too much fun. the girls have been in this really destructive phase lately... they ate schindler's list on friday night (took it out of the shelf, by the way) and have been getting at shoes like you wouldnt believe. Fortunately, the potty training seems to be coming back to them (they were getting pretty bad there to the point where we thought we were going to go back to the crate training). We still haven't met the neighbor's dog, although we hear it a lot. not much more to report- i swear i will put more pictures up SOON!! in more serious news, our pal, Zoe the Chihuahua has been under the weather lately- she has some sort of degenerative back disease that she is being treated for- which means bed rest for her for 6 weeks! but, it is a preventative measure, so it is worth it to be done- we are thinking of you Zoe and Lauren (mama of Zo-bo).