Monday, August 27, 2007

hey there- nothing much new going on with the girls- we got a new auto and school starts this week so life has been a little crazy. just thought i would make a quick update- pics of gerti playing monopoly with steve and i and our friends richard and kristina. also gerti trying to be a hat. muppy is not pictured because she was feeling very unfriendly that night. i will try try to post more frequently, although with impending school i don't know how possible that will be.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hey there doodles- we made it back alive! Actually, we have been back for about a week now.... Had a ton of fun, spent too much money- you know how it goes. The girlies missed us something fierce but I think we missed them more, especially when we were at the train station and saw a really cute (better groomed) similarly colored shih-tzu that reminded me of Muppy.... So well behaved. sigh. Anyhow, the girls have been adjusting well- We also had the carpet cleaned recently so they have been a tad confused as to where all of their delightful smells have gone. Hopefully they don't go and create new ones.... Really, other than that, nothing much has been up. We resumed movie night on Wednesday, so Gerti and Muppy were stoked to see their pals. Gerti decided to get a little friendly with our friend Samantha's arm somehow. Don't really know exactly what she was doing or trying to accomplish. Sometimes she just works herself into a frenzy over trying to attack peoples' hands. Its weird....